Porter-Starke Services is a comprehensive community mental health center that offers an array of inpatient, outpatient, residential, and integrated care, as well as home and community based mental health and addictions services. With this variety of services, it is critical to have software that supports clinical service delivery in an effective and efficient manner, helping us to use our resources appropriately and deliver value to our clients and payers. We need software that will help us evaluate and improve the care we provide, demonstrate the outcomes of care, and provide information that we can use to illustrate the impact of our services to funders, our community, and other stakeholders. As an organization, we participate in a variety of payment systems currently and expect healthcare payment systems to continue growing and changing. Having software that allows us to comprehensively manage our business and meet the needs of our staff, our community, and our clients is essential. All of these reasons contributed to our decision to select Streamline.

VP of Systems Administration