SmartCareRx is powered by First DataBank (www.firstdatabank.com). All medications, formularies, strengths, and contraindications are based on current standards and maintained accordingly. SmartCare is SureScripts Certified.

Patient Dashboard

The patient dashboard consists of the following informations:

  • Patient demographic information and current diagnosis
  • Known allergies and interactions with medications
  • Current prescribed medications with color coded interactions
  • Easy access to create and refill orders and history
  • Patient consent history
  • Failed trials

Medication Ordering

  • Medication is tied back to diagnosis
  • Real-time interactions with other medications and allergies
  • Titrate/Taper
  • Titration templates by user and drug
  • Fax orders and discontinuation letters to specified pharmacy
  • Print script
  • SureScripts interface
  • Fast multiple C2 orders
  • Recommended dosages
  • Commercially available drug packaging
  • Batch review and approval of verbal orders by the prescriber

Entry of Medications not Ordered by Organization

  • Real-time interactions with other medications and allergies
  • Easy ordering of new medications not previously ordered

Easy Refill Ordering

  • Carry over information from order
  • Automatically calculates new ordering dates

Manage Allergies and Drug/Drug Interactions

  • Up to date Allergen database
  • Up to date Drug-Drug and Drug/Allergy Interaction database
  • Prescriber acknowledgement for level 1 interaction

Decision Support and Reporting

  • Prescribing patterns
  • Discontinue reasons
  • Customized reports

Medication History

  • Physician ordered medications
  • Medications ordered by outside physicians
  • Filtering by dates, prescriber, medication, discontinuation reason

Electronic Medication Consent

  • Password or signature pad support for prescriber
  • Signature pad support for patient or responsible party

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