Primary Care

SmartCarePrimaryCare is seamlessly integrated with both Practice Management and Medication Management. Streamline utilizes the corresponding Value Set Authority Center (VSAC) coding sets such as SNOMEDCT, LOINC, RXNORM and ICD-10-CM.

Flow Sheets

  • Ability to track vitals and lab results
  • Color coded abnormal values
  • User defined flow sheet templates
  • Ability to define normal and abnormal ranges in any health data element

Order Entry and Management

  • Labs, radiology, procedures, miscellaneous orders
  • Interface with labs
  • Track lab results (structured, uploads, scans)
  • Scan/upload radiology results

Progress Notes

  • Built-in templates for common symptoms
    • Integrated treatment planning
  • Ability to create custom templates
  • Automatic E&M coding from progress notes with ability to override
  • Automatic charge creation
  • Allergy tracking
  • Allergen database
  • Notification of interactions with medications
  • Seamless interface for Doctors and Proxies
  • Medication Compliance/MAR

Health Maintenance Templates

  • User defined triggering criteria and action
  • Automatic association with patients
  • Documents to do (Orders)
  • Today's appointments
  • Lab orders to review
  • Batch signature for approval
  • Alerts/messages

Patient Dashboard

  • Summary of information
  • Problems
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Recent/scheduled visits


  • Color coded appointment types with default duration
  • Tracking of patient from show to exit
  • Links to progress notes
  • Flow of information


  • Incoming referral tracking
  • Outgoing referral tracking with follow ups

Problem Tracking

  • Major/minor problems
  • Integrated with progress note

Integration with Behavioral Health

  • Permission driven sharing of data
  • Shared medication list, allergy list and flow sheets

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