Business Intelligence

The Streamline data warehouse was built on the concepts set forth by Kimball and Ross and is designed to maximize reporting of large data over time efficiently. In addition to a nightly process that pulls data from SmartCareTM, the data warehouse is architected to allow sourcing of data from any data source.The platform can be used to jump-start creation of an enterprise data warehouse and incorporate information from multiple data sources such as accounting systems, human resources, etc..

Data Warehouse

  • The SmartCare database is optimized for data ’input’/the data warehouse is optimized for data ’output’
    • Serves as an aggregate reporting platform
  • Provides a framework for data integration from other data sources
  • Implement specific state reporting requirements/create Compliant files
  • Upload state response and provide error reporting

Business Intelligence

  • Analyze your outcome measurement needs
  • Build a tabular data model and deliver your BI staff the data they require
  • Historical data captured for longitudinal studies
    • Point-in-time snapshots retained
    • Trend Mining capabilities
      • Tracks client behaviors
      • Tracks user performance
  • Forecasting
    • Project directions of business programs
    • Project Changes in Client populations
  • Business Decision Support
    • Data captured to facilitate metrics-based decision making
    • Quick and simple snapshots as seen on a dashboard

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