Electronic Health Record

SmartCare™ is a complete application for the management of special populations. SmartCareEHR is seamlessly integrated with both Practice Management and Medication Management.


When a clinician logs Into the SmartCareEHR application, the dashboard displays the following information for that clinician:

  • Caseload Information - assigned, clients not seen In xx days, last year's assigned
  • Productivity graph
  • Documents to do, In progress, to sign and co-sign
  • List of services needing authorization
  • Services for today
  • Messages and Alerts

A Supervisor view of dashboard that allows users to monitor the performance of clinicians they supervise Is also available.

Clinical Documentation

SmartCareEHR is designed to make clinical documentation fast and easy. Apart from making the Interface intuitive and easy to use by clinicians, we also reduce the amount of data entry required. Here are some other features:

  • Progress Note, Assessment, Treatment Plan, Periodic Review, Discharge Summary Included Data flow from Assessment to Treatment Plan to Service
  • Ability to add custom documents
  • Scanned documents that are associated with the client's EHR and can be retrieved as required
  • Document routing to other clinicians for editing and review
  • Electronic signatures and co signatures either by password or by signature pad, including the ability for the client to sign
  • Client viewing mode (client can view his or her record but cannot access other client's information)
  • Tracks documentation "to do"


  • View by a single clinician or multiple clinicians
  • Standard "Outlook" like interface
  • Ability to mark "Avallable"and "Busy" slots
  • Shows services and other appointments
  • Feeds Into billing

Group Notes

  • Distribute documentation responsibility among clinicians
  • Customizable group and individual client templates
  • Ability to copy Information from group template to all clients assigned to you
  • Ability to modify documentation for an Individual client
  • Complete and sign documentation for all clients assigned to you from one screen

Client Summary

  • Summarized diagnostic information, presenting problem and plan for next visit
  • Graphical display of time line summary with medication changes, services, hospitalization with an overlay of progress/outcome measure

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