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The Streamline Support Team is much more than just a help desk that logs issues. Based out of our Kalamazoo, MI administrative office, the support team has direct access to, and works closely with, the Development, Build Release and Product Management teams. Many of our support team members have prior work experience with behavioral healthcare agencies, either as a direct employee or as a contracted consultant prior to joining our team. The department includes:

  • Client Software Specialists (Central Help Desk Intake)
  • Help Desk and Systems Analysts
  • Client Account Managers
  • Q/A Testing Analysts

Case Handling/Ticketing System:

  • Point of first contact, Client Software Specialist (CSS)
  • Web-based tracking system
  • Direct account access to view and monitor tasks
  • Email notification of receipt
  • CSS troubleshoots and works to resolve issues or requests

Contacting Support and On-Call Services:

  • Unique client Streamline Support email
    • Application questions, issues/errors, and other new requests
  • Designated email address includes Streamline Support Help Desk staff and assigned Client Account Manager
  • 24/7 designated after hours on-call number

Client Account Management:

  • Regional dedicated Client Account Manager
  • Client relationship building and maintaining
  • Regular meetings, phone calls, and/or in-person meetings based on client preference
  • Liaison between clients and Streamline’s internal teams to ensure quality service and support, timely responses and successful delivery of solutions to effectively meet your needs
  • Project management monthly reports

Streamline National User Group and Client List Serves:

  • Forum for SmartCare users to help other SmartCare Users (Peer-to-peer)
  • National User Group facilitates the formation of State/Regional User Groups as well as topic specific work groups

Client Connection Database:

  • Client Connection Portal
  • Connect with your peers

Enhanced Support Services:

  • Allows organizations to contract with Streamline for dedicated support and staff time for your specific organizational needs
  • Available via a contract amendment for issues, questions, consultation, tasks, and requests for your organization
    • Contract for a specific number of hours per month; on-site or off-site

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